Fight, improve, win
with Pixel War

The first NFT strategy role-playing game.
Claim your unique hero, equip them with powerful items.
Forge your story through adventure, exploration, and arenas.


Mint A Hero

Claim your unique hero featuring a unique class (rogue, warrior, mage), attributes, and nine free items to use right away.

Boost Your Power. Aesthetic. Rarity.

Equip item NFTs to change your heroes appearance and stats. Have fun and earn items by playing the game.


Earn and unlock exclusive item NFTs that increase your hero's power and change their appearance. Items are NFTs that can be sold or equipped to your Pixel Hero.

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Explore Pixelos

Unlock the world of Pixelos by exploring hundreds of unique areas, fighting thousands of monsters, and more.

It's your hero's journey!

Join our discord & Play For Free

Start playing for free. You can play without a hero NFT.
Battle other players, explore Pixelos from within Discord.

Lore, Explore, and More.

You have no idea how you got here. You're not even sure who you are. You feel stronger, maybe faster, but when you look down at yourself, you don't know what you are. Why do you look like this? You look… pixelated.

All you remember was the world falling out around you, then your feet on the ground in a place—a world—you don't recognize. Why were you brought here? What impossible power has transformed you, armed you, armored you, imbued you with magic?

Who is it that calls you by name—a name that's not yours but that somehow you recognize as this new, strange self? Why don't they reveal themselves? And who is this person facing you, sword in hand, ready to kill you? And why do you feel so perfectly ready to kill him?

You have no idea what's happening to you. But you know you have to fight. Survive. Win.


Reveal and Early Access

  • Initial Heroes
  • Initial Items
  • Allowlist Early Mints
  • Website with Heroes and Items

Alpha: Battle Testing

  • Alpha Mint
  • Initial Battle Tests
  • Battle History
  • Earn Item Airdrops
  • Item Catalog
  • Lore

Beta: Competitive Battles

  • Beta Mint
  • Web Battles
  • Leaderboards
  • Discord Battles
  • PVE Areas and Monsters
  • Twitter Battles

Public Launch

  • Alpha Mint
  • Initial Battle Tests
  • Battle History
  • Earn Item Airdrops
  • Item Catalog
  • Lore


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pixel War?

Pixel War is the first NFT strategy RPG - focusing on casual, yet addictive gameplay. With high quality graphics and appealing world-building, Pixel War is creating a uniquely immersive play-own-earn experience. Players have the freedom to trade, sell and use their Heroes any way they like!

Who is the team behind Pixel War?

The Pixel War team consists of both game developers and crypto natives. Founded by Pixel Warden, a lead game designer on games with millions of players. He has created two previous games for a major game company. Pixel War is here to disrupt the blockchain gaming space.

What is a Pixel Hero?

Pixel Heroes are 10,000 generative pixelated characters existing on the Ethereum blockchain as composable NFTs. When a genesis pixel hero is minted, holders are granted 9 item NFTS. Each unique character is a Non-Fungible Token (NFT), whose ownership grants access and advantages throughout the different stages of the Pixel War game.

Pixel War has two types of NFTs:

  • Pixel Hero: The basic hero of the Four Worlds
    • Genesis Pixel Hero - Ethereum ERC998/ERC721 (ERC721 Top-down Composable)
  • Pixel Items: The basic items worn and wielded by Pixel Heroes (see also Item Sets)
    • Genesis Item Set - Ethereum ERC1155

What is a composable NFT?

When a genesis Pixel Hero is minted they are granted 9 item NFTS. The Pixel War NFTs represent an ingenious way to make the most of what web3 has to offer. The NFT heroes can be equipped with nine different NFT items, which could be armor, weapons or secondary items like scrolls for mages and shields for warriors. It gives you the option to customize the look, equip the best equipment or make your hero more rare. Learn more.

When, where, and how much is the mint?

Soon, Here and Reasonable!
Please join the Pixel War community, follow our Twitter, turn on notifications and keep your eyes open. More details will be released soon and you do not want to miss this.

When is the game launching?

The game is ready to launch, and will release shortly after mint. The blockchain is changing the game industry by enabling open communication between players and developers. Pixel War will continue to innovate its game mechanics through community consensus.