The First NFT Strategy RPG

The Backstory.

The Four Worlds share a single star. Colonists from a forgotten world, their people were once brothers and sisters united under a single flag. But as the millennia passed, so did the lost technologies that brought them there, and so did any tenuous peace that might once have reigned. Now the Four Worlds share only one thing, the Six Aspects that define their existence, and the burning hatred that drew the attention of the Unrevealed.

No one knows who the Unrevealed are, where they come from, or what arcane powers they have at their disposal.

All the people of the Four Worlds know is that they snatch up champions without warning and drop them into a bizarre world of jagged lines made of blocks called “pixels.” Here the champions are forced to fight in the name of their world, their Aspect, and their own lives.

If the Unrevealed always put one Aspect against another, or one world against another, their reasons might seem clear, but at times champions from the same world, representing the same Aspect are forced to face each other in the arenas. All the champions of the Four Worlds know is that they can be chosen to fight at any time, and their only choice is to fight or die.

The 6 Aspects

Six primordial forces - known as the Aspects - bring structure to the universe.

They exist in pairs, in opposition or balance with each other.

The Aspects provide additional flavor to the classes and enable the layering of additional depth into the system through magic and factions.

3 Classes

Pixel War features three
primary classes:

Pixel Hero NFTs

Every hero is unique composable NFT

combining an origin, class, aspect, special abilities and attributes.

A hero is minted with 9 item NFTs:

  • 7 Armor Pieces
  • 1 Weapon
  • 1 Weapon, Shield, Magic Item - depending on Class

Each item is its own NFT, and can be swapped - altering the hero based on the new item.

Item NFTs

Each item is an ERC-1155 NFT

You can swap an item from your wallet to your hero (costs gas). Each item has a unique appearance and stats that change your hero when equipped.

You can buy and sell item NFTs (that are not equipped to your hero).

When you mint, your hero will be fully equipped with random items (1 for each slot).

Paperdoll System

Heroes are equipped and managed via a paperdoll system similar to those found in most common RPGs.

Heroes can equip NFT items to boost their hero’s power, rarity and aesthetic.

Global Leaderboard

Heroes can battle in ranked matches and skirmishes.

The best players can rise to the top of the leaderboard.

Mint Your Hero

Mint Your Hero